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Doctors & Agency Nursing Revalidation.

To hold a GMC licence to practice in the UK, every doctor is required to be revalidated every five years.

Revalidation is the process for doctors to positively affirm to the General Medical Council (GMC) that they are up to date and fit to practice. It applies to all licenced doctors in the UK working in the NHS and the private sector and all branches of practice. Doctors need to meet the standards set by the GMC, taking into account guidance for their specialty, to maintain their licence to practice.

The GMC requires you to:

  • Connect with your Designated Body
  • Ensure you are appraised annually
  • Collect colleague and patient feedback once per revalidation cycle
  • Revalidate once every 5 years


Designated Body

Your Designated Body should be the agency, organisation or the Trust that you have worked with the most within the last 12 months or are currently employed full time with.

If you work in more than one organisation, you may find helpful to:

  • Make a list of the organisations that you’ve worked for during the last 12 months
  • Consider the amount of time and clinical practice you do at each of your work places
  • Consider the basis on which you are employed e.g. whether you are employed, hold practising privileges or have another type of contract
  • Speak to these organisations if you do not know your employment status
  • List any membership organisations you are registered with


Only UK organisations can be a designated body. If you are working overseas or not carrying out medical practise please contact the GMC or click here to find your appropriate connection.

Locum Placement Group is here to support you with all your Revalidation needs and we are just a phone call away. Speak to our Revalidation Support team today and find out how we can help;

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Agency Nursing Revalidation

From April 1 2016 revalidation will be introduced by the NMC for all nurses and midwives.

Revalidation is the new process that all nurses and midwives need to go through in order to renew their registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC).

At present, nurses and midwives are required to renew their registration every three years.

You will need to complete the following to revalidate:

  • 450 practice hours – over the three years prior to the renewal of your registration.
  • 35 hours of continuing professional development (CPD) – must be relevant to your practice as a nurse and over the three years prior to the renewal of your registration. 20 hours must be through participatory learning.
  • At least five pieces of practice-related feedback – feedback can be informal/formal, written or verbal and from a number of sources including patients, service users, students and colleagues.
  • Five written reflections and one discussion – on the Code, your CPD and practice related feedback. You must discuss these reflections with another NMC-registered nurse.
  • Health and character declaration – you must declare if you have been convicted of any criminal offence or issued with a formal caution.
  • Professional Indemnity Arrangement
  • Confirmation from a third party – an appropriate third party confirmer is your line manager or an NMC registrant which you work with.


We recommend that all of the above is recorded in your portfolio ready to present at revalidation. Be sure to make a note of dates, hours undertaken, reflections, evidence, feedback, scope of practice and anything else that provides relevance to the completed practice or learning.

Locum Placement Group is here to support you with all your Revalidation needs and we are just a phone call away. Speak to our Revalidation Support team today and find out how we can help;

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